What's happening at Maple Corners? 

Check back for new photos and the latest events.

Part of Oak Glen Lake, from upper pasture
I love how the corn glistens in the sun
The upper pasture
  I have had several comments about the dogs in the snow picture below.  It is my favorite picture of the girls, one of those extremely lucky shots.  But people seem to think they are angelic.  Didn't want that rumor to continue, so thought I'd show you what I came home to one night after work this spring.  The whole kitchen looked like that.  Mud spattered everywhere.  No, I didn't yell at them, despite the look on Simba's face.  She just knew.  Plus, I think she was cold!


Ollie and his shadow.  Ollie seems to have taken over the watcher role after the recent loss of my head sentinel llama.


A Black Australorp/Buff Orphington mix rooster and Black Australorp hen roosting in their coop.  They don't actually use the wide roost I built for them, they decide to balance on this skinny piece of wood.  Chickens, go figure.  



The sweet girls Ursa and Simba. 

The Homestead